Susan Del Percio

Susan Del PercioSusan Del Percio is a New York-based Republican strategist and founder of Susan Del Percio Strategies. She has advised dozens of candidates in New York and elsewhere on successfully communicating messages to an electorate. Ms. Del Percio has served as a media spokeswoman on many campaigns, both political and corporate, and frequently appears on many local and national news outlets as a political analyst. Susan is also an MSNBC contributor. She served in the Giuliani Administration and holds a Masters degree in political communications.

About Us

The goal for Susan Del Percio Strategies (SDPS) is to provide clients with unparalleled strategic advice, expertly crafted publicity materials and concrete results.

It is our view that publicity must be well planned and sharply focused to achieve specific goals. We like to know exactly what our clients seek to accomplish through media exposure so that we can craft a tight messaging strategy and tailor-made public relations campaign for each of them.

Susan Del Percio Strategies, LLC works closely with clients to fully understand their needs and to uncover on a regular basis newsworthy stories to advance their objectives. We meet with clients regularly and discussions are held in strict confidence.


Susan Del Percio Strategies holds the names of its clients in strict confidence because it’s the right thing to do. But we’re happy to provide references from companies or organizations we’ve worked with. And we can walk you step-by-step through some of the successful earned media campaigns we’ve waged on their behalf over the years.

We’ve worked with clients in a myriad of industries, including telecommunications; information technology; not-for-profit; cable and television; retail; legal services; the arts; real estate; architecture; transportation; outdoor advertising; government; politics; security; computer manufacturing and many others.

Most of our new business comes by referral from past or current clients. We take pride in that and strive every day to earn the trust they place in us.

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